Say goodbye to energy bills forever

A ‘Zero‐on‐the‐meter’ house: in the construction world this is a household term. It stands for homes, where the energy meter is at the same position at the end of the year as it was at the beginning of that year. In other words: no energy bill! It is something that was once inconceivable. Thanks to solar panels it’s now easily achievable. Even for existing homes.

The term ‘Zero on the meter’ was introduced in 2013. Construction companies and housing associations came to an agreement to renovate 11,000 homes long‐term into “Zero on the meter’ homes. At the time, it seemed almost too good to be true, but they proved that it wasn’t that hard to build a house which will never again face an electricity bill.

And what’s more, it turned out to be very affordable too. Or at the least: it proved to be an investment that very quickly paid for itself. Since then there are still hundreds of thousands of homes that are being built as or converted into ‘Zero on the meter’ homes. Individuals, owner associations, housing associations and even entire neighbourhoods are launching initiatives to create such energy‐neutral homes.

Solar panels: efficient, affordable and easy

solarpanelsNowadays there are countless technologies for generating heat and electricity. In practice, solar panels appear to be the most commonly used solution for generating electricity. It’s not that surprising: solar panels have a high yield, are attractively priced and present the least practical difficulties.

A solar panel is easy to install on a roof, without authorisation and without major structural changes. What’s more, now there are readily available systems for heating homes electrically using electricity generated by solar panels. So you can say goodbye to the gas bill too!

Request a custom estimate

Is ‘Zero on the meter’ feasible for you too? Chances are it is. An installer can give you an estimate for you based on your actual usage over the past year. A family may soon cover its entire energy consumption with just sixteen panels. Still, you need to take into account that the efficiency of the solar panels will decrease a bit every year. Most manufacturers, however, still guarantee 80% of the original efficiency even after 25 years. Hence the loss in efficiency is minimal.

Those who are economical save even more

With solar panels you generate energy. It goes without saying that you can easily save money and energy by being more economical in managing energy. There are all sorts of things you can do to do that, ranging from energy efficient appliances to lamps with sensors or timers so they’re never on when they’re not needed.

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