Several Reasons Why You Have To Install Solar Panels This Year

According to the Australia's Renewable Energy Target (RET), a Federal Government policy, The Australian Government should ensure that at least 33,000 Gigawatt-hour (GWh) of Australia's electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020.*

In order to hit these targets the Government is incentivising homeowners with huge savings on their energy bills.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels, you will want to do it sooner rather than later whilst you can still receive the generous tariff payments from the government. The tariff rate gets updated every three months with around a six month notice period on any changes.

Once you get your solar panels, you ‘lock-in’ your guaranteed payments for the next 20 years regardless of what happens to the tariff in the future.

Benefits Of Solar

From the Government feed-in tariff you can earn up to $4,000. Not only does the Government pay you for the energy you generate and use, but also the energy you do not use.

Using electricity from your solar panels makes you save up to 50% on your energy bills per year.

The energy costs are rising, you can protect yourself from these costs by generating your own electricity! Not only do solar panels protect you from costs, but also reduce your carbon footprint and gives you a start to doing your bit for the environment.

Another bonus is that solar panels add value to your home; Estate agents are now looking at solar panels as a revenue generating asset.

How Can I Start Saving?

By clicking below it will be checked if you are eligble for savings on your solar panels. You will get quotes which you can look in to and see how much you can save.